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New product!

Hello there. Yes I took a very very long vacation from blogging. I'm trying to bet back in the swing of things. I have so many of your cute faces from the last couple of months waiting to be posted. I will soon! I also have been doing some fun projects in my home that have kept me busy. And let me just tease you and say you will be really be wanting to come over and get your picture taken in front of them :) 
Until I post all these fun things let me introduce you to a fun new product I'm offering!


Float Wrap are a new, unique option to display images. Float Wraps are similar to Gallery Wraps or Standout mounted prints in that they add dimension by extending out from the wall. Float wraps are unique in that they appear to be floating on the wall with the main focus on the image! Create a modern display with a Float Wrap wall collage that is ready to hang once removed from the box!

Float Wraps are created by wrapping the photographic print or canvas print around masonite to create a thin wrap. The print or canvas is protected with a laminate and padding is added between the print and the masonite to give the front of the Float Wrap a raised, elegant look and feel. The back of the Float Wrap is complete with a black paper backing and a black ¾" thick gatorboard block that allows the Float Wrap to extend out from the wall. The back of the block also contains drilled holes for hanging. Or, if you'd prefer to display your Float Wrap on an easel, you can order your wrap without the gatorboard block.

They are available in many popular sizes from 8x10 up to 20x30.

Order Fine Art Canvas with a Semi-Gloss Laminate or Metallic Canvas with a High Gloss Laminate. Lustre and Metallic Photographic prints are finished with a Matte Laminate

Right now I'm offering these at %25 off  till Saturday!

Truthfully I love a good ole' huge canvas. So that's why I'm so excited about these because they are so much more cost effective! You get it printed on the same canvas its just wrapped on a thinner frame. But you get the fun floating look!

pricing (without %25 discount)

11x14   $100.00

16x20   $160.00

email me for other size pricing.