Well, here I am! I’m a wife and a mother from Davis County doing what I love.

I’m here to capture you being you, so grab your Favorite Things and let’s get this going! xox Laci


Anniversary photos

I LOVE the idea of anniversary photos. Capturing all that has happened in the last year
This year was the year they bought their first house!

And first dog

This is a normal thing they do ;)

Not lets get real......THIS is what really happened when I said "now just be cute and sing her a song"

They have came a long way in one year. 
Last year HERE and HERE
Can't wait to see what next years photos bring!


I attract pets

I feel like most of my sessions lately have had some sort of animal involved.  I'm feeling lucky because all the animals (including a lamb once) Have been so good. Plus I AM a dog lover ;) 

Enough about dogs, check out this darling family


Fair Photos

Who doesn't loves happy photos and the happiest place :) 
These families really liked my family photos at the fair a couple years ago so we waited all year for the fair to come back!

*Note when getting  your family photos taken at the fair make sure to bring your Lamb ;)
I even got to see them showing their lamb. Loved it
I did a few sessions at the fair this year. The moms of these 2 families are sisters. It was so nice to do them at the same time and have so many helpers behind the camera getting everyone to SMILE!


The Hill family

Every year I get excited to shoot in this field. Its just a magical place :)


Fall mini sessions

It's already that crazy time of year again. Time to book for fall! My wedding season is about to settle down a little, and I'm ready to start taking some family photos for fall. My fall schedule always books up fast.  I'm going to offer some mini sessions again to fit everyone in. 

 $300 includes a 25min session, a 10 image copyright CD, and proofing gallery.  I'll even design you a Christmas card :)
You can always add more photos to your CD for $5 a photo.
location will be emailed to you

Sept 22nd Brigham City 5:30-7:30 pm

October 6th Davis County 5:30-7:30

first come first serve. Email- lacijilldavis@gmail.com

Now on to some happy photos!



Baptism photos

My oldest, Navi Jill,  got Baptized in May. This has always been an emotional thing for me to think about. It means that she is old. . . old enough to be accountable for her choices, old enough that I can't even kind of think of her as my little girl. For the year leading up to it I cried every time I thought about it or attended another baptism. Not a sad cry, but a proud cry. A very proud cry. 
Navi is my perfect child. She is very smart, and so obedient.  She is kind to everyone and has the MOST tender heart. 
She is sweet
I am so proud of the girl she is and the woman she will grown into. 

The day we took these photos was a crazy one. The dress was finished a week before the big day. Our week was full. It was one of those days you don't leave the car, at the end of the day I took Navi to dance, then we left early and rushed straight to her softball tournament. After the game we ran to the car, and headed straight to the temple to get in some quick shots with the 30 minutes of light we had left before the sun went down. 
As we got to the temple and got out of the car the crazy day quickly ended and a beautiful reverence set in. It was just me and my girl having fun, doing something special, together. 
It was one of the best nights ever.
I snapped this blurry photo as we were leaving that night. Navi had been dancing to the tunes of this kind man's harmonica. She was in her own little happy world, then put a little money in his bin. She smiled at me and said, "I really loved this night!" I will cherish this blurry photo forever, to remember the feeling we had while she constantly twirled to the happy background music. 

 Her baptism day was perfect. She was surrounded by all the people we love so much. Nate (who is quite the songwriter I must say) wrote her a very special only a dad could write. I made a little movie to it with all the special moments from her life so far. We surprised her with the song and movie during the luncheon. The movie is too special and close to my heat to share it with the world, but it was the perfect ending to a perfect day.