Well, here I am! I’m a wife and a mother from Davis County doing what I love.

I’m here to capture you being you, so grab your Favorite Things and let’s get this going! xox Laci


MY brother is getting married!

Wedding season is on, and Im so excited for my first 2 of the season! My Brother and my Cousin. Im a lucky gal because both of these wedding are going to be insane! It has been crazy trying to take everyones bridal, engagement, and wedding photos in this silly weather!

I have been wanting to share these, and now the invites are sent I can!
River is the youngest in our family and is marring the sweetest girl ever Jaycee. They have such a darling relationship, they are so alike and have NEVER got into a big fight?! They have been dating at least 3 years (not sure exactly) and are both so mellow who knows if they will ever fight. 
And did you know I don't have a sister? :( So you can imagine how thrilled I am to have a girl around!

I'm so excited to share all their details. Bridal/Groomals next and boy do I love them! 
and thank you to Bliss wedding blog for the feature :)


Our home is for sale. I'm Happy/sad :)

We are selling our house! I can not wait for our next home and the fun projects it brings, but I also will miss my neighborhood and the darling friends (of both me and my kids!)
So help me spread the word!! I will Love you forever  :)
Here is the listing and all the photos

I love this house because there is always room for a party!!!

I will be so sad to leave Navi's fun room! She loves it and man alive that wall took a lot of time! 

Grays room is my favorite. It makes me haPpy! I think I will bring this same paint color right with me to our next home :)

 This kitchen is party/cooking heaven. I love the double stoves, and all the room but mostly I love the high bar that hides my mess. LOL
 The cream cabinets in the inside of the bar make me happy!
I will most defiantly miss this wallpaper!

       Here is a video that gives a good look at our home!

K now go spread the word for me!