Well, here I am! I’m a wife and a mother from Davis County doing what I love.

I’m here to capture you being you, so grab your Favorite Things and let’s get this going! xox Laci


School's Out! Snapshots

Tomorrow is the last day of school for us
Here are some things I try and remember to document on the last day of school
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Favorite Things

If you are a follower of my blog you know I love to capture my clients "Favorite Things" I think this is also something important to do with your children each year. That way we can always remember their current obsessions. 

Welcome to Summer!!

I saw this idea online awhile back and can't wait to do it again tomorrow! It's been a fun tradition that just starts off the summer with a BANG

Stat Sheet

Add your child's current stats, and current loves to a photo each year. It would be so much fun to look back on a pile of 15 "stat photos"

(L) Fabulous Fads

Remember to take a photo of the big trend each year! (goodbye silly bands!)

(R) Mom's special touches

I copied this idea from pinterest! I just love the idea of sometimes document all the hard work we put in. It might come in handy ;)

“I Did It!” Details

We always take photos on the FIRST day of school of our children's sparkly new outfits. Make sure to capture those worn out shoes and backpacks on the last day

Through Their Eyes

Send your child to school with an old or disposable camera.  So they can document their favorite school friends and recess moments

Last Day Traditions

Every year on the last day of school we go get our first snow cone. Take a photo of those tradition. You will love looking back on all the "snow cone" shots! 


Tayler and Daniel engagements

My darling is friend is getting married in just two short weeks! I'm so thrilled to be apart of their wedding day.  I hope you enjoy their engagements :)
After a little hair and makeup party, we started the shoot off at my home.
She dances....
He golfs...

 They know how to laugh :)

And Love strong

Seriously going to start posting more... Your comments could help that ;)