Well, here I am! I’m a wife and a mother from Davis County doing what I love.

I’m here to capture you being you, so grab your Favorite Things and let’s get this going! xox Laci


Man, I have seen so many great valentine ideas out there!  I love looking don't you?  This year we decided on doing these
It worked out wonderfully because when I went to order, Walgreens was having a sale: order 25 4x6's for free!! So if you go this route make sure to do that! I also like this idea because they are personalized so no need to write your name (although Navi insisted on making her own envelopes adorned with heart doilies and drawings to put the photo in, I should have taken a picture... dang!)
Here are some other amazing Ideas I love! 
For you crafty amazing moms
I thought this was a great idea! I know all Utah moms are super crafty, and make up all sorts of flowers.  Felt clips would be cheap to make and totally darling! 
or you can purchase these at http://www.giddygiddy.com/
Lollipop flowers are always a great inexpensive go-to item. I love the idea of having them all bundled up in a bouquet. Darling! I want them on my table for the whole month.
 Really you could gussy these up so much more! I want to try them with felt or fabric.
Free downloads!! 
Gotta love a free download.   And there are so many great options!
Happy Happy Valentine's Day! Now go cuddle up with someone you love!


one of my firsts

This family has been with me from the beginning.  They were my first "real shoot" of people I didn't know.  Now we have had several photo sessions together and I want to be best friends :) They are so fun and totally darling!






These are my cousins. Now some friends tease me because I'm always talking about my "cousins" They laugh and say sure everyone is your "cousin" Yes they're a lot of them! These might even be 2nd cousins or something. But its all the same. Us Williams stick together! So here is one group of my cousins. And they are very cool and special to me! A big reason we wanted to move to Kaysville! 
(pictured above my Grandpa's little sister Maxine and husband Wayne)



I'll be posting a different group of cousins soon. Love you all!!!

They got it all.

I love this family they are beautiful, fashionable, super talented and most importantly sweet! The whole package! And those darling necklace's the girls are wearing. She made them! Don't you love those sweet ruffly dresses? So classic-




Studio 5 and Free downloads!

I have been super busy lately with studio 5.  I had back-to-back segments Friday and today.  It seriously messed with my mind!  Friday I was packing things for today's segment and vice versa. I guess I'm not a good at multitasking.  Its always so fun to get to see my cute friend Brooke and all the staff. They are always so kind and helpful!

I do think that In this new digital world, and the day and age of the photo mom, we too often leave our pictures stuck on the computer. So lets kick that ole' habit and create some photo fun! Get making those Valentine's and go here for some free downloads! Email me if you have any questions. 
If you don't have photoshop I am happy to add a photo and name for you.
 For a small fee ;) 5 bucks.

Friday's segment was on winter accessories.  I can not believe all the talented Utah Gals out there!  Geesh I'm so Impressed.  I find it so important to support your local vendors!