Well, here I am! I’m a wife and a mother from Davis County doing what I love.

I’m here to capture you being you, so grab your Favorite Things and let’s get this going! xox Laci


A favorite family and Mini sessions!

I know you probably have been waiting to see the rest of the photos of this cute family you know I love so much! You first saw these on the fall edition of my top ten color walls. Now you get the rest :) Remember Shelley? You know the hilarious, super crafty, vinyl chick with the most amazing blog that you all love, and we love to copy? :) Well, her family is so sweet and her kids rock…. really! They totally behaved and listened soooo well! Yaay! That never happens :)
OK, now Shelley is ahead of the game, and so are a lot of you, BUT I know that the “OH CRAP” Madness is starting. You know, the "oh crap" I need Christmas cards and forgot to book a session and now I can't get in anywhere?!!
Well because of this, and because I'm almost booked for the year, I'm going to offer some MINI SESSIONS to fit y'all in! Thursday night Oct 7th. $200 includes a 25min session, a 10 image copyright CD, and proofing gallery. You can always add more photos to your CD for $5 a photo. Plus I'll even design a Christmas card for you :)
Did you say you wanted to go to this same amazing urban location with like 10 different backgrounds to choose from? OK!!
First come first serve. Email: lacijilldavis@gmail.com


Photos we shot at walls 6-8 of my fall edition of the top ten color walls


A "Rockin" family!

Meet my cousin Adri Jade. This is that cousin I always couldn't wait to see. We laughed til we cried. . . and still do. She is my daily taco stand partner, we have weekly nail painting dates (sometimes over the phone). And I truly Love her! Enter husband- Michael. Wow. I don't know what to even say about him besides I love him. He is the nicest guy I have ever met. Do not let his 6'3 tough guy look fool you, his eyes twinkle like no other. My children are obsessed with him and I'm so happy my bestie cousin found him!


Shoots like this make me so happy I do what I do! The kind of shoot that makes me stay up all night editing, the kind that makes me emotional. I can feel their strong, serious, very playful love through these photos, and I can feel their sweet baby's presence. Adri- Get that baby Girl here! We have photos, dressup, cuddles, giggles, and french braids to get to!


Top Ten Color Walls of Utah: Fall Edition

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1. Maroon and Yellow Checkered
A&W, 701 N. Main Street, Logan

A checkered backdrop is such a great patternto work with. You can use the checks to frame people in. It also gives great depth and interest to your photo, without you having to do all the work!


2. Black and White striped
1050 N. Main Street, Logan

Stripes all are the rage right now, so this is a great way to incorporate the trend into your home. A secret, tucked away find - these shots would also look great printed in black and white!
3. Red
Mellen Glass,132 N Main St., Brigham City

This wall makes a serious, bold statement. The window details and textured brick make it a favorite for me!
4. Blue 
American Legion, 845 W 24th St., Ogden

Bright, blue walls are one of my favorite to photograph on. This wall will give you a clean, crisp look, and complement all skin tones.

5. Green 

470 S Main Street, BountifulAhlgren02

6. Yellow
900 S State Street, Salt Lake City

7. Multi-Colored Wall
900 S State Street, Salt Lake City

8. White
900 S State Street, Salt Lake City

9. Lavender
Mercado Latino Market, 300 S University Avenue, Provo

10. Mint Green
900 W Center Street, Provo

I has been so fun seeing all your photos at my last top ten spots! I can't wait to see what you do with these :)
Hope you love them!


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Here is another little sneak peek of one more color wall on the list! I love this one! It's even complete with a old shopping cart to use.
I'm totally feeling like I want to crawl in a hole and die under the weather today. So lets hope I'm better by Thursday or I might sound like a man with a bright red nose.
I'm obsessed with this kid-


Want some more???

Remember my Top 10 color wall segment? Well its back! Next week :) Y'all ate it up and after so many great emails we decided to do part 2. I thought I would give you a peak of a few of the walls over the next few days.
Let's start with Annsli :) Poor girl, we haven't had very many photo shoots together, but judging from how much she loved this one, I can see plenty more in the near future.

You have to watch the segment to see where this one is at :)
Up next- Gray (its a fun one!)


fair failure

This last weekend I tried to get some photos of the babes at the fair. This is the only one that kind of worked
During our family shoot we got great ones of Navi but didn't try with the little ones. .  they were over it.

I was so frustrated with Gray that I didn't even give sweet Anns a chance. . . . maybe next year :)

P.S Gray will not let go of this sword. ever. Yes, he sleeps with it. Just wait till you see the night costume he lives in, literally. My neighbors know all about it


Happy Home :)

Today my mom just launched her new series called Happy Home on Studio 5. I'm so excited about it and can't wait to see all the entries! (enter yours here)! My home growing up was always full of happy things. . . just like my mom. She is amazing at what she does! Make sure to send in your Happy Home!
K now check out my darling mom and the Happy, Happy Home I grew up in :)

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What makes your home happy . . ?


I feel like I went around the world and back today preparing for one of my first big commercial projects. . . Exciting! 
Details to come, but for now a sneak peek. Happy night! I'm exhausted :)



Celebrate your space

Im going to try at least once a week to celebrate my space on here.
I have wanted striped candles on here forever and have loved these which come in all colors and are beautiful! . . . . problem- $24 a pair. Not happening. So I had to improvise. It all happened when I opened the junk door and found some wonderful yellow tape. Perfect!
These photos are horrible but here is a before and after
This photo is more than horrible but you get the idea ;)
I like the color it brought! Maybe I could get really dorky and switch out the colors for holidays;) I have big plans for the wall behind. . .I bet if you have read this blog often enough you may know my current obsession and now I will communicate that in my home!


Celebrate You!

So for the taped piece yesterday (if your in reader you will have to click on my blog to view) I talked about celebrating yourself. Shelley was so nice to come along and let us film her. She is the perfect example of someone who needs to take time out to celebrate herself. She has an Amazing blog, (you all know about and love), a growing business, and 3 kids including twins!
I think once she was there she really enjoyed it (right Shelley?) :)
Check her out! She is Beautiful!!!
Now go celebrate you!

Love this one!



You guys were right on your guesses! Shelley's full shoot coming soon :) K now I hope you take my advice and go celebrate you!
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I love the theme of celebrate! It's a very important concept to remember and embrace in our daily lives. I thought of a few things we don't take time to celebrate enough - the challenge is to do so!

Celebrate Yourself
This is one thing we never do. As women, we don't get a lot of time to feel pretty and take time out for ourselves. We need to do this more often and document it. You will feel so happy you did! Having a great picture of yourself is not only useful for our businesses and blogs - it is also an important thing for our children to have, in years to come.

Celebrate your Spouse
I can't tell you how many times I have been on a family photo shoot, and I tell the parents it's "their turn" - and the couple visibly feels awkward! We need to take photos with our spouse, and often. Celebrate your love, and most importantly hang of photo of just you two, in your home for your children to see.

Celebrate Your Space
We spend so much time making memories and decoration our house "just perfect," we also need to take time to celebrate the work we have put into it. Document your space. It will be so fun to look back on all the different looks your home had through the years!

Celebrate Your Spirit
I think this is the key to a great family photo - to any photo! Don't just bring great clothing and a smile to a shoot, but bring a vision that represents your family. Show who you are, your spirit! Get dreaming up your next photo shoot - make it something to celebrate. I can't wait to see!