Well, here I am! I’m a wife and a mother from Davis County doing what I love.

I’m here to capture you being you, so grab your Favorite Things and let’s get this going! xox Laci


My own family photos, Yahooo!!!

Yaay Its finally my turn for photos. Is it ok to say I Love them?!
The thing is I had a vision in my head and knew it wouldn't come out exactly how I imagined
(because of crazy kids you can't make freeze) But It did! Just like in my head.
I have this friend Chelsea (remember HEREHERE and HERE, thanks to her those ideas in my head came to life perfectly.
She has a great eye and knows me so, so well!
I stayed up all night editing them not giving her a chance to show me all the edited ones first :)
as soon as she posts her edits I'll send you over.
Thank you Chels for making me the happiest girl ever
I hope this is how I make some of you feel after seeing you photos

Now I will be blowing up all of these on a new repainted (again) perfect spot in my house
But help me decide which one is the biggest?!
(love all for different reasons)

Photos by cjc photography
edited be me (all night in a excited hurry!)
or 3

K now I must encourage all of you to really think of the spirit of your family, kids and house

My home is bright. We are bright, and crazy just like the fair ;)
I also picked clothing not only based on location but on the accent colors in my home

I think its really important not to just bring great clothing to a shoot but a vision that represents your family
I think that's why I love favorite things so much. It shows us who you are, your spirit
so get dreaming up your next photo shoot. I can't wait to see!

oh ya, now go pick your fav photo for me already


Ladies and Gentlemen. . .

My Husband
He is the man I get to share my life with.
Music is his passion and he is amazing at what he does!
She thinks he is an amazing dad
He is in a band called lokalgrown (so all you brides go hurry and book them :))
He smells like heaven
She wants to show him off

(Make sure to turn off the music on the bottom of my page)

This song is on my website here  (on the couples page) and the first song you here on my blog
Love it

This one is my fav. Its just hot.

If your not watching the whole thing then start at 3 min



A very Happy family

This fun family belongs to one of the producers I work with on Studio 5, Stephanie. She is sooo creative and puts out killer segments. Her family is just as amazing. It was like a party the whole shoot! Lots of laughs and joking, not to mention this darling baby of the family who has stolen all of their hearts!


Time to run to Sallys

Sallys seriously has some of my favorite beauty buys, I am now out of 2 of them! Time to stock up :)

1- L Oreal Natures Therapy Mega Moisture Nurturing Creme. I use this once a week or whenever my hair feels like it needs a little extra. Because its just a moisturizer you can use this everyday. You will Love how silky it is!

2- Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo. This is a MUST BUY! Just spray in it your roots and shake/comb. It gets rid of the oils and gives your hair a fresh smell. Just like washing! This will help you go three one ;) day without a wash

3- Out The Door Fast Drying Top Coat. Love this top coat! Its high gloss and will leave your color on for days longer. Did I mention its fast drying, a must

4- ion Brilliance Shine Spray. Its a toss up between this and the dry shampoo as my favorite. You will love this! Just be very careful not to get crazy in the root area or it will leave you looking oily. I just spray half way down and pull through. It gives you shine and takes care of the frizz

5-Beyond The Zone Frozen Stiff Ultimate Hold Hairspray. I love this because its glossy, has a strong hold, but your hair still moves after spraying like a wild woman :)

K now do you have any sally's beauty buy I must grab while I'm there??



Yes, totally darling right? The best part is were related! Meet the in-laws :) This is Nate's sister and her adorable family. Our oldest kids are days apart and best friends forever. They even have a super special secret handshake they do every time they see each other
(It involves slapping hands, picking each other up, and bum bumps)
Even though they moved out of state we feel lucky to see them often!

The sprinklers turned on during the shoot. Now I'm soooo happy they did. Totally worked in our favor!
Now if you don't have a super sassy darling girl, get one fast! She will add some great movement to your photo :)


out of town . . .

Look how I packed. Do you think I have a obsessive problem. lol. whatever
gotta love black and white, and being able to use the same accessories everyday ;)
Catch ya next week!



Root beer eyes

Looove this family! They have the sweetest kids. I could tell they are killer parents who have total control, while still maintaining the happiest environment. Pretty sure the kids never acted up the whole shoot. just like mine



Yes, Its already in the works Gray is marring her :)


Back-to-School photos

Back-to-school is a great time to catch some yearly photos of your children. I like to focus on what they look like, and what they love, that year. Here are some ideas and tips to keep on hand as you prepare for those annual back-to-school snapshots:

Sign Me Up!

Each year have your child hand write, on a sign, the grade they will be in that year. This is a fun way to see how their handwriting has advanced year to year, as well as knowing exactly what year that photo was taken. Put them all next to each other in a book when they graduate for a happy gift!
Favorite Things

In my photography business, I always try to take a "favorite thing" photo of each client - a certain toy, a favorite doll, a new hobby. I think this would be a great thing to do every year - a photo to remember what that child's favorite thing, or interest, was that year.

Get Focused

Details are always important when taking photos. Get in close to capture those details that make that year/age special. It may be their missing teeth, long flowing locks, huge backpack or anything that makes them "them" that year. Also capture all of the fun clothing trends (so we can look back and laugh!).

Get in the Scene

Another fun tradition is to always take your child's photo in front of school the school they are attending that year. This is a little detail that will be so fun to have later on in life. While you're there, explore for other great photo backgrounds. Schools are often a backdrop hot spot! Great old brick, fun bright colored doors, and, believe it or not, a dumpster makes for a great background with its bright coloring and textured sides (just be sure to get up close!).


House of Smith's

Tell me you have read the insanely creative, hilarious, House of Smith's blog. Shelley is so entertaining and her projects are incredible! Today she is hosting a Jillie Willie giveaway for a pair of Mollies!
Did I mention she is my friend and we go way back? Yes you can be jealous
hmmm . . .now how do I get her to makeover my pantry? ;)