Well, here I am! I’m a wife and a mother from Davis County doing what I love.

I’m here to capture you being you, so grab your Favorite Things and let’s get this going! xox Laci


Heidi and Spencer!

I have a big announcement!!

I just photographed Heidi Montag for her bridals!!They are finally getting married!

JUST KIDDING but come on they totally look alike! This is Emma she was great! It was so cold outside and she still looks amazing! She is the cutest girl so easy going and happy- Emma Its was fun meeting you! I had such a fun day and I hope you like your pictures!!


Chelsea said...

seriously...amazing! great job, and she does look like Heidi:)

Erick and Beckie said...

Laci---That was so fun yesterday and you did such a good job! I think these pictures look awesome, I can't wait to tell Emma that they are on here! I had so much fun helping you do that!

Jessica Kettle said...

Ok. Are you SERIOUS??? Are you the same girl that sounded a little nervous on your way home yesterday?? Because these are seriously BLOWING ME AWAY. No joke, this looks like a bridal magazine editorial!

Lee and Robyn said...

Great job, Lacie! Those are really fun! I love the things you did!
Robyn Pearson

Amy! said...

VERY IMPRESSED LACE :) LOVE LOVE the ones outside with the sofa and vanity table.. SO VOGUE!

allegra said...

these are amazing pictures!! awesome job. i totally thought that was heidi, and i was going to ask if she was nicer in person than she appears on tv:) lol.

beautiful bride

Swain Family said...

Laci---ok so i thought the jillie willie pics were awesome. These are completely incredible!!! You are amazing. So Sometime I seriously want you to do our pics. You are the best

keysha said...

Laci! Awesome! I showed my husband your website, and he was impressed. You are my gal for my next photos---You are so talented and have such a flair!

I saw you and your adorable mom on Good Things Utah! I felt so cool that I knew you:)

I'll keep checking back to see what other amazing photos you are taking! (Until mine make your blog!)

Allyson said...

YOU ROCK! I noticed all the BRC sights! Brilliant!