Well, here I am! I’m a wife and a mother from Davis County doing what I love.

I’m here to capture you being you, so grab your Favorite Things and let’s get this going! xox Laci


The Rupp Babes!!

Ok here are the little kids aren't they so cute!! And I Loved their little outfits!LACI 428.jpgps
Notice little Riah's thomas the train boots.... how fitting!!
LACI 389.jpgps
Rupps 833.jpgbr
Rupps 728
Rupps 588.jpgbwRupps 445

LACI 405.jpgps
LACI 402.jpgps

This little man Nash has a train room so I think these will be so fun!


Jessica Kettle said...

Wow Laci! both of the sessions you posted look so good. The colors and lighting are SO pretty! Love the Christmas Card too. =) GREAT job!

PaLMeRs said...

Laci you did a magnificent job!! I love every picture!! I was wondering if it would be possible to get a low resolution disc with all the pics for our blogs? How much would that be also! Thank you so much!! YOu are an awesome photographer and friend!!

Amy! said...

SO CUTE LACE!! The pic of the girls in their tutu's is so so so darling!! LOVE the 2nd to last also... GOOD WORK SISTA :)

toYn fAmiLy said...

i love your photography! You do an absolutely amazing job! I want you to do our family pictures if you want to, here in a while. (i need to get some pounds off) can you email me like your pricing and stuff?! thanks billions!!

toYn fAmiLy said...

an email would be good huh? caramietoyn@Hotmail.com..... sorry i am an idiot

Chelsea said...

I LOVE both the family and kid shoots! my favorites of your work:) so good lady!!!