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These are my cousins. Now some friends tease me because I'm always talking about my "cousins" They laugh and say sure everyone is your "cousin" Yes they're a lot of them! These might even be 2nd cousins or something. But its all the same. Us Williams stick together! So here is one group of my cousins. And they are very cool and special to me! A big reason we wanted to move to Kaysville! 
(pictured above my Grandpa's little sister Maxine and husband Wayne)



I'll be posting a different group of cousins soon. Love you all!!!


KH said...

Maxine and Wayne are your great aunt and uncle. Their kids are your 1st cousins once removed. Their grandkids are your second cousins. ;) But regardless of the details they are a very attractive bunch and I'm proud to say I share their genes!

Jill said...

Laci I just love what you said about the Williams Family! When I looked at their photos I couldn't quit smiling... I'm sure I'll visit these photos daily... and do you want to know something funny... i think of my cousins as my siblings so we are certainly on the same page when it comes to loving them so much! And the way Aunt Maxine is looking at Uncle Wayne... Priceless!!! She is a great reminder of the loving lady that gave us this great posterity...Grandma Ada Williams... I loved my Grandma Williams with every ounce of my soul! Thanks Laci for sharing such meaningful photos!

Beckie said...

Hey I feel just the same way, and I am only related through marriage, but there's no family like the Williams. I have felt like a REAL part of the family since day 1. I couldn't ask for better people to be related to. I love these pictures, too by the way!

heather and jory said...

LOVE these pictures of the Korth's! It made me miss you all! Yes, ALL of the "cousins" :) we do have a lot! I love being a part of the Williams family! Hope to see all of you soon!

Wayne said...

We didn't know Laci was posting these photo's on her blog until just a little while ago. Our kids gave us a large family photo for Christmas which brought tears to our eyes!!!! It was fun to see your comments to Laci....she is a great and fun photographer and made us look good. We too look forward to our times together with all of you. Love, Maxine