Well, here I am! I’m a wife and a mother from Davis County doing what I love.

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We're back!

Its sad to be home. I just want to pick up my family and run back to the nice beautiful warm weather of California. Although I can live without all the homeless people everywhere.
Highlights include this pre oscar party we got invited to, street hot dogs wrapped in bacon with avocados and cilantro on top (my mouth is now watering), amazing shoe finds for all of the family (can I just say crazy cowgirl RAIN boots!) heavenly cupcakes, late nights eating treats talking and laughing, me yelling at Terrell Owens, all of us waking up at 3 am to some very "loud" noises in the room next door. . . . seriously. 
(Then laughed our brains out)
going to my mom's factory to design away, and spending some great one on one time with sweet Annsli.
The list could go on and on! It was a great "work" trip!

come on anns just fake a smile


Amy! said...

HOW FUN! I bet you fit right in.. You look like a little celebrity!!! Don't you just LOVE LA :)

Andrea said...

Sounds amazing! Tell us more about yelling at T.O.!!!