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Girls weekend and Beehive Bazaar

I had a wonderful weekend! It started off with dinner at La Jolla Groves. Anyone who serves me diet coke like that deserves a star :) 
*I am so lucky to not only have the most beautiful friends ever, but they are also so kind, loving and would do anything for me. . . and often do!
The lights were so so beautiful at the shops at Riverwoods! Then off to Beehive Bazaar for some wild shopping. Seriously have you been on opening night? It is insane. As in . . . so many people you cant move, completely hot everyone is sweating, then you wait in line for a hour or so to pay. And thats why I go opening night every year ;) Because with all the hotness, its a blast! Plus I got to meet lots of you :)

(you know you love all of these not-in-focus photos)

About that pillow in my hand. Im obsessed. It deserves it's own post. . . 

Oh ya- then after this night I got influenza. . . . and have been in bed for 4 days.  Not cool
hopefully soon I feel great and can get you your photos for christmas! 

Get your flu shots!

back to bed



Wendy Pippin said...

so sorry you are still sick...but what a fun night that was! I just wish it lasted longer, I felt like it just FLEW by!

Amy Lou said...

LOVED this night!!!!!