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Our home is for sale. I'm Happy/sad :)

We are selling our house! I can not wait for our next home and the fun projects it brings, but I also will miss my neighborhood and the darling friends (of both me and my kids!)
So help me spread the word!! I will Love you forever  :)
Here is the listing and all the photos

I love this house because there is always room for a party!!!

I will be so sad to leave Navi's fun room! She loves it and man alive that wall took a lot of time! 

Grays room is my favorite. It makes me haPpy! I think I will bring this same paint color right with me to our next home :)

 This kitchen is party/cooking heaven. I love the double stoves, and all the room but mostly I love the high bar that hides my mess. LOL
 The cream cabinets in the inside of the bar make me happy!
I will most defiantly miss this wallpaper!

       Here is a video that gives a good look at our home!

K now go spread the word for me!


Andrea said...

Ahh!! Lovely house! It's gorgeous!

Where did you get your white couch from? It's beautiful!!


Rhonda said...

Um, seriously...your house is amazing! You and i have very similar decorating styles.

My husband and i are ordering a sectional and the fabric I chose is black/ivory houndstooth. He thinks it's insane and will be "too much," so I told him I'd find a pic that disproved his theory. Glad I stumbled across this post!