Well, here I am! I’m a wife and a mother from Davis County doing what I love.

I’m here to capture you being you, so grab your Favorite Things and let’s get this going! xox Laci


Loved this family's Favorite Things shot! They brought it all from their favorite treats,  Disneyland souvenirs, daughter's golf clubs, and a little sassy Christmas tree for their favorite holiday! It's so fun to see what you all love :)


Sparkles Make Me Smile said...

Thanks Laci! We are so excited to have these pictures as a reflection of this time in our lives! You are fabulously talented at capturing "real" moments and each distinctive personality. You're the best! -Alex, Natalie and Tennessee

Jill said...

I love looking at your photos! You are so inspiring Laci! My favorite photo is that little girly with the fork in her mouth. She's beautiful and I feel like I know her because you have captured her soul. Thanks for the Jillie Willie shoot. I can't wait to see the photos!!!