Well, here I am! I’m a wife and a mother from Davis County doing what I love.

I’m here to capture you being you, so grab your Favorite Things and let’s get this going! xox Laci


El Tigre!!!

I had a Blast on this shoot! This family is full of personality and a sassy mom ;) She even went above and got me a darling bribe (she remembered I had mentioned I fully except bribes on here before) 
The boys are into bmx and skateboards which made the shoot totally fun, so, Bree. . . can we be friends?
totally fun

Told ya I would blog it, don't kill me :)


Natali Thompson said...

Those are so cute Bree! I LOVE the one of you and Sam and the one of the family right under it. They are all so cute-and I LOVE the silly poses too! Good job Laci.

Anonymous said...

Love this location! Lovely pictures!!

Liz said...

Oh geez...those are fantastic! I think the last one of Sam is a keeper for sure...i'd like one in a wallet size:)
That door is amazing you are standing in front of. And the boys are so flippin handsome!
Good job Laci...I know this family is a handful to deal with...especially ol' Breezy!!!!

Michelle said...

It's true... there's not a funner family around! You captured their great attitudes, smiles and personalities. Couldn't love the pictures or the family more.

Bell Family said...

So funny. You all make me laugh.

Yes Laci, we are totally friends!! As long as I get half price off everything from now on. Oh wait...I already tried that and it didn't work :)

Emily said...

Oh my word!!! These are beyond darling...and of course she wants to be Bree's friend...everybody wants to be Bree's friend...I'm just glad we're related to she has to be my friend! Great, great shoot. LOVE IT!!

Rockin' Rowes said...

Amazing pictures! Can I ask the location of the yellow wall?

Rockin' Rowes said...

Sorry, I am new to your site and I just found it on your top 10 colored walls in Utah! Thanks for sharing it with us.