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Love me some Thanksgiving!

No! This weekend can't end.  Thanksgiving was wonderful! I loved having all the special people I love so much at my home to celebrate. While I forgot to get all those great close up shots of decor, party favors, fabulous food, and the tablescapes I did get just the perfect mood shots :) My family is full of it! I died laughing looking through these. Apparently I can not sneak a photo without someone pretty much everyone pulling a face :) 
notice the goofballs pulling all sorts of faces. You should see the ones I didn't dare post ;) 
After so much food, we were all in that "way to full daze" and cuddled up for some elf, and naps!


amber said...

Ok girl your house looks like such a fun happening place to be. When we build again in the spring could I hire your super creative mind to make my home that HAPPY! Love it!

Andrew & Carlene Wood said...

That black and white stripe in the background screams you! I am guessing that is the big bold makeover your house got....I wish I were more brave like you! I just want to know if you painted those stripes, or if it is wallpaper!?