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An old friend

Meet Tyke. This guy was my best friend starting in 7th grade. He does not have a mean bone in his body and is the most caring guy around. Not to mention he is totally funny, and super laid back! We had so much fun and were dorks everyday after school. I liked his best friend and he liked mine, He gave me a dog which we still have (she is getting so old!) then he moved away for highschool- rude. Im just grateful we stayed in touch and he married such a darling, sweet girl Megan.

It was so fun to catch up and get to know his little guys! Theses kids are soooo cute and they couldn't have been better for photos!


Drew and Amber said...

oh my, his boys are darling. Gotta love old friends

salli said...

Awwww:) Love his lil family! They are all adorable! I love that you guys still stay in touch, you're both so sweet!;) And I think I found my new fav color wall!!! LOVE that green! Where is it?

Jaci said...

these are really cute! I love the CoLOr! Makes me happy! :)

Hauze Family said...

Oohhh... I love those colors... where are they at???? I LOVE your pics

Andrew & Carlene Wood said...


I am in love with that green garage door!! Can we go there?!