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That rockstar of mine I told you about

So my husband just did something really cool, and co wrote the new Studio 5 theme song that launched today!
Awesome right?
Well, I totally Love it and you will too!
(make sure to turn my music off on the bottom of the page so you can hear)

 So fun right?

Here is the interview they did today on the show talking about all the behind the scenes stuff 

You can listen/download  the song here


Everyday Sparkles said...

Awesome job! Congrats!

Bell Family said...

So Cool!! Love the song. I notice the band is hanging out at El Tigre....good times..good times.

Trish said...

Hey Laci. I love your work!!!! I saw your post on hair product. Made a quick trip to Sally's..I would love to see your favorite makeup products. Thanks


Laci said...

El tigre just left like the right thing to do :)
Trish- great idea I get so may fun questions I think ill start answering one a week!

Trish said...

Can't wait!!