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Celebrate You!

So for the taped piece yesterday (if your in reader you will have to click on my blog to view) I talked about celebrating yourself. Shelley was so nice to come along and let us film her. She is the perfect example of someone who needs to take time out to celebrate herself. She has an Amazing blog, (you all know about and love), a growing business, and 3 kids including twins!
I think once she was there she really enjoyed it (right Shelley?) :)
Check her out! She is Beautiful!!!
Now go celebrate you!

Love this one!


Jeni said...

Loved your segment! So cute. And she is a doll. Beautiful photos. The black and white is stunning.

Andrea said...

Loved the segment too!! This is such an great idea and a good perspective!

gma said...

Hi Lacie,

You are so cute and inspiring! My question is about editing your pics. How much editing do you have to do? If you do...would you be willing to address this on a Studio 5 segment(or teach a class)?


Laci said...

Cher- Thank you Thank you! I have a segment coming up on this in oct/nov. I usually lighten the photo add contrast and fix the color tones. If you have photoshop you need to download the pioneer woman's free actions they are great!

House of Smith's said...

Woot Woot! I LOVE them :)
They ROCK MY WORLD! You are the BEST photographer EVA! ;)
Can't wait till the 15th!

elise said...

Awh, I love her! And these pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS! I adored the segment too.

Kimbur said...

Holy cow!! So I am a little star struck right now! Thank you thank you thank you for responding to my request!!!! You have no idea how happy you have made me! I have left multiple comments on different peoples blogs/websites and no one ever responds. But you did! Thank you! Anyway I just wanted to show you the results of your wisdom. And tell you that you are my photography hero!!!

Kimbur said...

so i forgot to give you the link to the before and after pictures i did
again thank you!

Laci said...

Kimbur! It looks great :) I couldn't leave a comment on your photo blog but good job! Glad I could help!

Kristen Duke Photography said...

I've tried to promote this idea in my area and people aren't latching on to it. I think women need nice portraits of themselves, boosts confidence, but they are embarresed to do it, so it doesn't happen! Vicious cycle. Love your ideas, great vision:)

A.Larson said...

What a beatufiul girl! This is such a good idea, every mom needs a nice picture of herself!!