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Celebrate your space

Im going to try at least once a week to celebrate my space on here.
I have wanted striped candles on here forever and have loved these which come in all colors and are beautiful! . . . . problem- $24 a pair. Not happening. So I had to improvise. It all happened when I opened the junk door and found some wonderful yellow tape. Perfect!
These photos are horrible but here is a before and after
This photo is more than horrible but you get the idea ;)
I like the color it brought! Maybe I could get really dorky and switch out the colors for holidays;) I have big plans for the wall behind. . .I bet if you have read this blog often enough you may know my current obsession and now I will communicate that in my home!


Kimbur said...

do you know how to take a "horrible" picture? these candles are so fun! what a great idea, and your dining room is gorgeous!

House of Smith's said...

um ya. I love you.
nuff said :)

Andrew & Carlene Wood said...

O my heck....can I hire you to shop and decorate my house!! I don't know where you find all of your cute stuff!! Darling! WHat is the name of the place you have seen cute wallpaper....Graham and something? I seriously wish you lived closer to me....I am sure we would be great friends!! ( ok. I am really not stocking you! :))

Laci said...

Carly come hang out with me! I want to see your house :) Its http://www.grahambrown.com/us/index

A.Larson said...

How fun!

Christy said...

you really need to post pics of all the rooms in your house. so cute. i love yellow!