Well, here I am! I’m a wife and a mother from Davis County doing what I love.

I’m here to capture you being you, so grab your Favorite Things and let’s get this going! xox Laci


Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!!!


Andrew & Carlene Wood said...

o, I am so sad you didn't choose me :(

Carly Wood~

Amy Lou said...

Friend - I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaci said...

I love that you didn't get ready. You a beautiful girl w/and w/o makeup and hair!
Way fun giveaway!

allegra said...

you are TOOOO cute, Laci! If I looked that cute not getting ready I'd never bother. It's fun to see a video of you in person:)

Laci said...

Oh my goodness you girls are nice! Now looking back I'm totally humiliated lol