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fair failure

This last weekend I tried to get some photos of the babes at the fair. This is the only one that kind of worked
During our family shoot we got great ones of Navi but didn't try with the little ones. .  they were over it.

I was so frustrated with Gray that I didn't even give sweet Anns a chance. . . . maybe next year :)

P.S Gray will not let go of this sword. ever. Yes, he sleeps with it. Just wait till you see the night costume he lives in, literally. My neighbors know all about it


Jessica Kettle said...

oh laci. maybe we didn't discuss my attempt at fair pictures with max last year? he freaked. i almost cried. all i wanted was a perfect picture of my boy at the fair, all he wanted was probably for me to drop my camera off the ferris wheel so he could just enjoy himself. so in short, i feel your pain. the one shot is darling though! the sword makes it. =)

Kimbur said...

what a cute boy and i love the sword fetish! we all have our "thing" right?

Andree and Josh said...

I just love your fun, colorful, style! You are one of the photographers I keep my eye on!

Mandy and Mark said...

Your mom told me about the knight costume last night and I loved it! My little boy is always dressed up as something and has slept with swords, pirate hats, cowboy boots, and once in a shark fin--among other things. I can so relate!