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Happy Home :)

Today my mom just launched her new series called Happy Home on Studio 5. I'm so excited about it and can't wait to see all the entries! (enter yours here)! My home growing up was always full of happy things. . . just like my mom. She is amazing at what she does! Make sure to send in your Happy Home!
K now check out my darling mom and the Happy, Happy Home I grew up in :)

( google readers click on my blog to view video)


What makes your home happy . . ?


Amy Lou said...

Yay for happy homes and boo for lame UPS delivery guys! LOL... Great memories of us in your happy home :)

Madi said...

Oh shoot I am so in love with your moms house! It looks amazing! She is so sweet :)

heidi said...

I've been blog stalking for a little bit and am just in love with your photography. I can't remember where I found your site at maybe house of smiths. i wish i were in utah to get some family photos, but am in Cali.
I'm also loving your mothers home, so HAPPY! I'm curious where she got her curvy living room couch. Can I bug you and ask if you have any idea where she got it from? thanks. adlhide@gmail.com